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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Character Love Letters

Vampire Book Club is doing a giveway based on love letters to our book boyfriends. Technically, my novels are my paeans to Varick, but I'm writing him this letter anyway. Less from me-Keila, and more from me-me.


My dearest Varick

Love is an odd thing, isn't it? I imagine someone your age has had plenty of young women who claim to be in love with you. I mean, that icy demeanor would call to any girl. My sex has some serious issues with wanting the unattainable.

I don't think I'm like the others, though. I'm not some vapid little twit who just wants you because you're hot. I want you because of everything else you are. The intelligence, the bravery, the age.

The Doc Marten boots and leather trench coat.

But I digress. Maybe because emotions are hard to deal with, especially with someone so intimidating. You aren't the easiest person to walk up to and say "I love you", but that's all part of your appeal. You don't seem to know how wonderfully loveable you are.

You're a gentleman, with a beast inside. You cook, you take care of a woman, you know how to braid hair. You're everything I could ever really ask for in a man.

And you're seriously hot. o,.,o Can I just curl up and live in your hair?

Forever yours,