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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review - Devil Unknown

I received this story from Bewitching Book Tours and devoured it pretty quickly.

The very blurb called to me, made me want to read it. I mean, who doesn't like talking demonic crows? Once I actually got into it, I found it to be as awesome as the blub suggested.

Steena creates a tormented character in a short amount of space, and I was soon rooting for him and the choice he had to make.

There's romance, drama, magic, darkness...pretty much anything you could want in a tale of the devil and the pained priest.

Devil Unknown
By Steena Holmes

Genre: Supernatural Suspense
A Bandit Creek Thriller


“Each generation, evil takes form and steals the soul of the most devout.”

A long forgotten myth holds the key to the evil descending upon Bandit Creek. When the town turns to their beloved former pastor for answers, little do they realize he may be the evil they fear.

Nathan Hanlin is at a crossroads. His soul is in jeopardy, and he doesn’t know it. Yet. He thought leaving the church would be easy, but when demonic crows start talking and demons reveal a secret about his past -- he realizes turning his back on God might have been a mistake. A ripped page from a journal holds the key to discovering why the supernatural are appearing in Bandit Creek but it’s too late. The myth is real and the only person who knows the answer is missing. Can Nathan save the woman he loves...or is he the reason her life is in danger?