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Friday, April 6, 2012

#FridayFlash - Fornication Wonders

"I gotta question."

"I hope it is not contagious."

"Don't be an ass, I'm serious. I gotta real question."

"I shall give it all the merit it deserves, then."

"You ever think werewolves might be sexually transmitted?"

"This is your serious matter?"

"Totally is. I mean, werewolfism-"


"Whatever. It's transmitted through a bite, meaning the werewolf cooties have to be in the saliva, meaning they should be in other bodily juices, meaning they should be in jizz."

"You interrupted my reading for werewolf cooties and jizz?"

"I figure it's gotta be like AIDS or herpes, or any of those other nasty things. So I figure it's gotta pass like them too."

"Lycanthropy is not a supernatural venereal disease. One does not become cursed through fornication."

"That's what I'm wondering about. Maybe nobody talks about it, because no one wants to admit they caught werewolf cooties from a one night stand. Ain't like there's a free clinic for monsters."

"You have an astonishing way with words, and a truly unique brain."

"I know, right?"

"Now allow me to finish my book, free of your vulgar contemplations."

"I told you to stop being an ass. I like to think and use my thoughts."