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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Movie reviews - Gothika and Ghost Ship

Back in the day, Dark Castle Entertainment had several horror movies that weren't well received. I watched them then, and I enjoyed them, so I had a good time rewatching them on Netflix. I'm not going to go into any breakdowns on these two, just recommend that you watch and hopefully enjoy then too.

Gothika starred Halley Berry and Robert Downey Jr, before Iron Man was able to relaunch his career. The premise starts off typical enough; shrink doesn't believe her patients are having supernatural encounters until she has one herself, and then she finds that no one believes her. The ghost needs Halle's help avenging her murder, and they have to fight against the psychiatric system to do so.

Performances are spot on, especially from RDJ, even though some of the scenes are just hokey as can be. Even for a supernatural, low-budget, thriller. But it's a fun watch, and sometimes that's all that matters.

Ghost Ship is wonderfully gory and creepy, and has a great ending. The Alaskan setting is remote and scary on its own; add a derelict ship and you have the perfect place for the movie to unfold. Everyone starts going crazy, then dying, and you begin to think no one will make it out alive.

It's not particularly scary, at least to anyone as desensitized as myself, but there's something about the texture and the mood that makes it good regardless. Probably one of my favorite ghost stories, even though so few people like it.

And I absolutely love the ending.