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Friday, May 31, 2019

#FridayFlash - BlutRose Geifer

The BlutRose Garten thanks you for being such a loyal customer. Your dedication means as much to us as it does your hungry roses. Some have even expressed a certain addiction to the bites, as if they can't live without the roses anymore.

Because of your many years as our client, we are honored to let you know of our latest strain before they're even available on the market. This is a limited run of only the most beautiful blood roses, cut and bred from our original rootstock, and we would not be the company we are if we didn't give you the chance to own our most exclusive rose yet.

The BlutRose Garten proudly presents Geifer Rosen!

Yes, you read correctly, we have cultivated venomous roses. This new strain not only hungers for prey, their thorns have the power to claim their own prey. Quick acting and potent, let no one tell you Geifer Rosen is merely a gimick.

We have designed our Geifer Rosen to bloom perpetually, in large displays of vibrantly saturated color. Their perfume is rich and intoxicating, more than heady enough to cover any scents of rot or decay, and to fill every room with the reminder of your investment.

Thick clusters of wickedly curved thorns mean our newest treasures are not for the inexperienced. Determination and dedication are rewarded with violence and beauty, but only for those with the heart to brave our hungriest Blood Roses yet.

Act quickly, before this amazing opportunity ends.