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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Movie Review - Time Trap

Take one part screaming teens in a melodrama and mix it with one part fun sci-fi concept about time travel, and you get Time Trap. Which means the movie has highs and lows, but ends up being more enjoyable than not.

The movie starts with just enough exposition and action to hook you, to keep you going as the hunt for the missing professor turns into a hunt for the Fountain of Youth. The mystery is doled out in tidbits between "teens" overacting and snippets of drama and inciting events, and the overall story is a fresh take on the concept of immortality and time travel. The ending is both satisfying and open enough to revisit the world.

My lows definitely came from the characters. They were vague sketches of concepts, but not too terribly vacuous and stereotypical. The arcs don't go very far, but they each seem to explore their limits a little bit. And while the initial reactions might be something melodramatic or hysterical, they then get back to business quickly.

My highs absolutely came from the concept and fresh take. I've never seen another spin on the Fountain of Youth quite like this. Almost made me wish I'd come up with it first!

If you like light sci-fi, or even just something speculative and different, then you should check this one out.