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Friday, October 18, 2019

#FridayFlash - New Enlightenment

The video went viral, though only through alternative and underground sites. Whenever it appeared on a mainstream site, The Powers That Be removed it as quickly as possible, though never soon enough. Many people saw it, though they never talked about how much it affected them.

When it was discussed, people were awed by her charm, her wit, her beauty. Men and women loved her, wanted to be her, wanted to learn more about her. More from her.

But there was only the one video to be found.

Her screenname was Fr3y4sM41d, and she didn't have a real name listed anywhere. Tall, flaxen-haired, athletically built but still buxom and curvy. Eyes blue like the ocean, skin like fresh cream, mouth red like ripe raspberries. There was something otherworldly about her, but no one could quite put their finger on it.

Nor could anyone quite put their finger on how her words affected them, though she hid nothing and spoke plainly. Even after multiple viewings, many found new phrases and nuances that stirred them, that woke another spark in their very soul.

Her melodious voice and piercing gaze always felt directed at the viewer in particular, not a broad crowd:

The world is changing, but since you're watching me, I'm fairly certain you already know that.

Maybe not consciously.

Maybe just deep down in your bones, in your heart, just a stirring of something that isn't normal, that the Powers That Be have taught you isn't right but you feel it should be.

You should trust your gut.

They've told you the world is meaningless, mundane, and that you are insignificant. They've worked hard to program you to consume, to hate, to vegetate on mindless entertainment. They've spent centuries developing ways to brainwash your children and poison your grandchildren.

As the worlds realign, your eyes are opening. You're breaking free of their programming. You're not just one of the sheep anymore.

But you don't know what to do or how to continue to grow. The advice you find is usually based upon their corrupted teachings, in an attempt to guide you back into the herd. What isn't part of their regime feels crazy, made up, and sits as poorly with you as anything they've said.

I can tell you what I know, what I've observed, but only you can decide if it's right for you.

That's one of the major things wrong, whether or not you've realized it; someone is telling you what the answers are, rather than telling you to find them yourself. Being given a thing does not satisfy the same as earning it. As taking it.

Being a wageslave sits poorly with you because you're not putting your efforts into your own earnings, your own rewards. Receiving money to purchase groceries is not the same as working the land for a harvest or hunting your prey. Having objects and products is not the same as crafting and inheriting.

You do not want to bow to a higher power, to wait passively for some vague spiritual force to answer your prayers. You know the temples are hollow facades, you know that magic exists, but you don't know where to put your faith.

Put your faith in yourself, in your family, in your community. Do not be subservient. Do not be weak. Do not subsume your personality to some fatherly deity that wants you to be a pet.

Your strength will honor your gods, and they will honor you for it. Weakness is for the sheep, and you are a wolf. Sound your howl and the rest of the pack will join.