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Monday, October 21, 2019

VSS round up continues

"I have faith in you."
"You never quit, do you?"
"Supporting you? Of course not."
"But why? I don't know if I'm worth it."
"You're worth it to me. I will always hold you up on those days you can't do it yourself."
"I love you."

On the latest True Fae vlog, he discusses spiders: Seriously, silly humans, leave the arachnids alone. Unlike you, they serve a purpose in Nature, and they create true works of beauty. So put that bug spray down and thank the next one you see.

She looms over the psychiatrist, watching him cringe and beg. "Honestly, you can't stop what you've started." She grins, adjusts her grip on the baseball bat. "You WERE the one who told me I needed to accept myself."

"Let's head to the beach."
"Not sure I'm in the right headspace for it."
"How can you NOT want sun and sand and surf?"
"Been restless lately, and if I stare off at the ocean, I'll feel the wanderlust of my ancestors. Not sure I'd stay."
"Movies it is."

He'd heard the storm coming for hours. Building, growing, moving. Hungry for destruction, laden with power. He stepped into the magic circle and fed magic to the skies above.
Lightning and thunder answered his request.

"You're such an asshole. One day, you'll wish you were nicer."
"What I put out there will come back on me?"
"That, exactly."
"Did you ever think maybe I'm a dick in order to punish others?"
"I AM karma, inflicted in real time."

"Dof wanker been crook all week."
"You've been hanging out with your Aussie friends again, haven't you?"
"'ey, sheila, why you think that?"
"Because you've got a ridiculous accent and a dreadful misuse of non-American idioms."

Obscure Fact 438: Dragons need to be in a dry heat. They don't sweat, but humidity does get between their scales and make them even more irritable. You've never experienced hell like a cranky dragon.

"What are you doing?!"
"...stuffing the turkey. Why?"
"Did you get positive consent before you violated her?"
"Just because she didn't say no doesn't mean-"
"Would you stop taking good things to the worst extremes?"

Bellex enjoys her job tormenting humans. Especially with the invention of YouTube. She posts the creepiest videos, like a spider being flushed from an ear canal. Just horrific enough to stay with someone, but not gross enough to keep them from sharing with others.

"What are you doing out here?"
"Relaxing and listening to the birds. The cawing crows, the scolding jays, the twitter of the sparrow. It's pretty."
"Aren't you supposed to be doing the dishes?"
"I needed a break. Chores are super stressful."

"Whoa, you have so many mirrors."
"Aren't they wonderful?"
"But our reflections..."
"I know. Once they stopped making them with actual silver, I noticed we can see ourselves again."
"I hadn't looked in so long. *sob* I'm beautiful."

"Still working on that piece?"
"2000 grit now."
"Are you taking out microscopic scratches or something? Surely it's ready now."
"Obsidian is very picky. Won't shine unless you give it all the love it needs."
"If you say so."
"Scrying mirrors take time."

"Mine! Mine!" I call, standing on the beach. I knew it was from a cartoon, that gulls didn't really speak like that, but it always seemed to work. One replied, then two, finally an entire flock. Voracious little creatures, they'd take care of the evidence.

The Devil still dreams of Heaven.

Stephen King joked that he was good at writing because he had a child's heart, in a jar on his desk. Made me laugh when I read that, but I needed all the help I could get when it came to writing.
I've found the real thing is VERY inspiring.

"You're immortal, but you keep coming back in different bodies?"
"You don't need to sound snippy about it."
"Well, reincarnation is supposed to be into different animals, up and down the karmic wheel."
"For mortals, maybe. But I'm more than that."

My neighbor clucks on about the latest news from around the kingdom, not watching her toddler splash mud on the sheets.
I hardly listen, weeding my herb garden, glad I'm no longer involved in that intrigue. Village herbwife suits me better than court sorceress.

"You're people don't have a single king?"
"Every man rules his own lands."
"But what if someone challenges him?"
"It's his right to defend what's his unto death, whether him or foe."
"What about the women?"
"Are you kidding? They're fiercer than the men."

The password for the site was handcuffs. She smirked, immediately thinking naughty things, the press of hard steel beneath fur coverings, safe and comforting, controlling and restraining.
Then she paused, realized it was for a crime anthology. Not naughty at all.

After the fall, it's been hard to find the gumption to fly again. Doesn't help that mortals stopped believing long ago, try to see who disbelieves more. That much apathy made manifest wears on an immortal soul, and every day eats away a little more of mine.

We sit by the pond, holding hands, watching the moon rise and the stars twinkle. "Some times it seems the whole of the universe is reflected here," I whisper.
He turns, kisses my cheek. "And in your eyes."

"How did you instigate this fight?"
"Called him an ignoramus."
"Is that all?"
"Maybe suggested he was ignoble."
"Intuited he'd react."
"Interesting you went that route."
"I did get his address, so I can indemnify him for the night in jail."

A little contact poison would do the trick nicely. Maybe spread on some postbox handles, a couple of the crossing walk buttons. Just enough places for people to get it, but not enough for epidemiologists to pinpoint it.
The city really needed some chaos.