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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

VSS round up

Gotten a little behind on these. LOT behind. So I'll have several out over the next few days, then will try to do it once a month so it's less overwhelming.


The cobbler kept me complacent with a vice. Not even locked down on my sword; it rested loosely in the metal jaws.
But it was made of cold iron, so I couldn't touch it. I just had to keep making his stupid shoes while kicking the table, waiting for it to fall out.

Her fear of spiders was only ever a vague feeling. A mere sense of dread about all those legs touching her while she slept.
Until she saw Chimerarachne yingi. Then she knew exactly why she feared them.

"He's scary."
"Don't worry about his vehement tone."
"Why not?"
"He's loud so you don't notice his quiet shadow. SHE'S the one you should fear."

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy," I tell my husband, preparing to check my blood. The insulin injection hits a nerve, causes cramps and nausea. "Nevermind. Totally would."

My master's words were always with me, especially in moments like this. "Magic is all around us. Always has been. But the Mundane have been taught to ignore it, to look right past it."
That must be why they would tear down the unicorn's forest.

He was beautiful and smart, but the world had taught him brains were not to be trusted. He raised a vapid armor, pretending to be dumb and pretty, and no one suspected what he was truly capable of.

"I don't understand why I have to know how to spell," the acolyte complained. "I'm just copying the texts."
The abbot shook his head. "There will come a time when you wish you knew the difference between 'celebrate' and 'celebate'."

The world watched in disbelief as an entire flight of dragons appeared in the sky over Las Vegas. What where they doing? What did they want?
The world watched in horror as 24 dragons sang a volcano into rising, creating their new home.

It's a harsh world that I've woken into. Plain, mundane. This isn't how it's supposed to be. Where are the dryads? Why are my ears round? How can the sky be blue? The ones in white coats tell me I'm confused, demand I take pills. They do not help.

She pulled at the thing in her wound. The black mass was soft, slimy, and it caused pain deep inside her hand. Gritting her teeth, she pulled harder with the tweezers, and felt only relief when it came free.

They say there are only nine worlds, but that's because the Aesir wanted to forget the others. NEEDED to forget. Nidhogg destroys Yggdrassil's roots to keep the forgotten realms closed. It's for the good of every living thing.

Whispers come to me from other realms. *The mundane is just a shell.*
Magic doesn't exist. That's what everyone says. *Open your heart to be free.*
Too many things can't be explained, maybe there's something more to the world. *You're more powerful than you know.*

The wicked imp loved to sow doubt in the souls of the weak. "Isn't interesting that children have to learn to be nice? Humans are just animals, vicious by nature. Don't resist the urge. Punch that barrista for messing up your order."

"Life doesn't have a test drive feature!" Her voice cracked at the end, fists clenched on her hips while she stared down at her lazy boyfriend.
Black smoke poured from his mouth, and his disembodied voice came from the mass. "Well, not for your species."

" about the bread. Total failure."
"I was gonna say it wasn't bad, but it glued my mouth shut."
I gulped water to wash it the rest of the way down. "Just have to learn from this mistake, obvs."
"It's still better than I can make."

I still remember your condescending tone when you left. "You'll go from heartbreak to healing, don't worry."
It's your new boyfriend who should be worried.

I sit in the ruins, listening to the fires burn, the structures collapse, and the wails of the victims. A symphony of destruction and chaos, and it fills my heart with joy.
When it becomes quiet, I'll have to start anew.

Their eyes met, and the battle became a blur around him. The clash of sword, the scent of blood, the screams of the dying all faded to nothing when he saw her. His mortal enemy.
The Queen of the Dawn would die tonight.

The small god of vessels woke to a world she didn't recognize. Humans took her gifts for granted, wasted their opportunities. "I gave you freedom when I gave you the ability to travel. Now, do without them."

She rolled back over, wrapping the covers tightly around her scarred form. "Now that I'm empress, I'm banning all morning bells." The viceroy rushed to enact her decree.

"He's more than just a dog. He's a little person." The woman snuggled her corgi.
He rolled his eyes. "Everyone says that."
The dog looked right at him and spoke. "Well, sometimes it's true."

I shuffle my feet through the shag carpet, building up a charge. A little shock ought to catch his attention. Finger out, approaching, waiting for the spark. We both hear the crack, and I shout in pain.
Way larger than I expected, but still worth it.

They met for lunch, as they had once a year for the last two centuries. She kept glaring at the women in tiny bikinis. "Remember when having a sunburn meant you were a peasant, working outside instead of being idle? Now it means you have all the time to bask."

Missy stared at her wall of components, three risen slaves at her side. "Spring is a good time to reorganize, don't you think? Clear out the body parts I haven't touched in the last couple years. Maybe get all the skulls together." It was hard being a necromancer.

I settle in the chair, pick up my favorite pen, and pull my notebook closer. I know why so many people struggle; they've forgotten the glory of little rituals. Without anything to focus their thoughts, their minds just wander away. I begin writing the story.

Another birthday has passed, a big one, and yet I'm still surprised when I find a new silver hair. What is forty supposed to feel like anyway?

She heard their whispers, knew they thought she was some cloistered nun, simply because she chose to dress and behave conservatively in public. Jaws would have dropped had they ever seen Mistress Sable in action.

The True Fae made another vlog about the silliness of humans. "You act like 'lesser' creatures can't communicate, but you only think that because you can't hear them. Open your heart and listen!"

"So, you just see hills and mountains?" he asked me.
I shrugged. "Yeah. What else should they be?"
He tipped his head, frowning, clearly trying to explain himself. "You don't see the giants laying beneath them?"

"Remember when you said true friends help you move bodies?"
"Yeah. Wasn't that a laugh?"
" were joking."

Morrigana stopped to smell the roses. This world grew a different version, and she wondered if she'd be able to raise a cutting, get them to grow behind the castle.
"Don't get distracted from the mission," El whispered, nudging her. She'd try again later.